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Letter to Pastors

445 Shelton Road
Hampton, Virginia  23663

Dr. Samuel E. Hyde, Sr., President

SUBJECT:  Letter to Pastors

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for your support.  It is truly amazing how the Lord has blessed as we train students desiring to be prepared to serve in local ministries.  We desire to assist and co-labor with the local churches in our area, to help those in your church have the opportunity to have an accessible and affordable institute of higher learning.

I appreciate those of you who have given financial and/or moral support to this end.  We are grateful to the professional pastors and other individual teachers and professors who give their time and effort to this cause for the kingdom of God and His purpose.

Our distinguished teachers are pastors, lay people, and just dedicated folk who love the Lord and teaching of His precious Word.

We send each pastor and student a letter describing the courses that will be available for each semester before it starts.

We appreciate the pastors who teach and those that announce the availability of these courses of study.  Students should register as soon as possible, but may register on the night of the first class.

The beginning of the school year:  The Fall semester starts the last Monday of August at 6:30 p.m.

God bless you as we all labor together.


S. E. Hyde, Sr.,

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