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Welcome to Victory Baptist College

On orientation night you will receive a registration form to be filled out and turn in on your first night of class. We prefer that you come by or request in writing a copy of the registration form prior to the beginning of school and submit the $30.00 registration fee. In any case registration fee MUST BE paid before you can take a class. There is an additional cost for books (s). Any exceptions will be cleared through the dean of students.  
Classes begin at 6:30 PM. Student is required to arrive on time. If for any reason you will be late you must notify the college. For a three-hour class, there will be two 15-minute breaks; and for a two-hour class, there will be one 15-minute break. Each teacher can elect not to take a break and complete class in an early fashion.  
Chapel Service
Chapel services will be held each month. The speaker and date for chapel will be (in most cases) posted in the Deans office.  
Revival services are considered a part of your semester requirement. You must attend the night (s) of your class. Each student is to make an outline of the revival message and turn it into the Dean of Students. This requirement will be a part of your learning experience.  
Banquet and Graduation
At the end of the school year there is a college banquet. Each student is expected to attend.  
Dress Code
Men are required to wear a tie and casual dress shirt and pants. Ladies are required to wear a dress or skirt and blouse. The dress or skirt must be below the knees and no low necklines. The dress may not have a split extending more than half way from the ankle to the knee.  
Special Offerings
Our teachers are not paid - they willingly give their time for you and the Lord. There will be a special offering each semester and each student is expected to participate. These offerings are used one hundred percent for the teachers love offering at the end of each semester. We are told in Scripture that the workman is worthy of his hire. Checks can be made out to Victory Baptist College and can be claimed on your tax return. At the beginning of the year you will receive a record of all you have given to the college.  

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