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Degrees and Education Programs

Master and Doctorate Degrees
All degrees above the bachelor degree will be offered only to students in full time ministry or special circumstances. Each candidate will have a course of study to fit the individual needs of the student. We are working on providing the upper graduate degrees in the normal course of the college for all who would like to take these courses. However, for now these courses are limited.

Master of Theology
(32 hrs. above Bachelor) 160 hrs. & 10,000 Word Thesis
Doctor of Theology
(32 hrs. above Master) 192 hrs. & 20,000 Word Thesis  

Religious Education
In some cases we grant a Master of Religious Education and a Doctor of Religious Education for students interested in teaching. The student is required to take courses from the college and the Victory Baptist School.

In addition to our curriculum, the student must take courses required by the school, and attend the seminars and workshops with schoolteachers. The Student will do practical work in the Victory Baptist K-4 through High School, working with other teachers, in the classroom environment.


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