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Credit for Transfer and/or Experience

Credit for Full-time Christian Work
The college will allow 4 credit hours for each year spent in full time Christian service, but not to exceed 32 credit hours. Students are required to document their Christian Service. The documentation should include ordination certificate and any other documentation that will affirm the place and time of service in the Lord’s work as pastor, missionary or other full time worker. You must submit a resume of ministry and service.

If you desire evaluation of your life experiences in the ministry, you must submit a letter to the college requesting an evaluation of such experience.

Evaluation fee is $30.00 payable to Victory Baptist College and is not refundable.

Transfer Credits
This College will accept transfer credits from creditable colleges where you’ve attended and completed work. Transcripts must be sent from the college you attended to Victory Baptist Bible College Attn: Dean of Students. In all cases you must complete 32 credit hours with VBBC.  

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